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abu fatasista nano shiro 802MH vs penn trq nano labrax ( 40/46 T blank )

Dieses Thema im Forum "Ruten" wurde erstellt von Mr_minimal, 17. September 2015.

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    15. September 2015
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    [FONT=wf_segoe-ui_normal]Hey guys Im new to the forum since a few days , I follow the BA facebook page for a while now as well.

    Sorry for writing you in English, but my german language is not decent enough for writing.
    I want to ask you a question about the [/FONT]
    abu fatasista nano shiro 802MH, but in Holland its hard to find information on it.
    Im planning on buying one ( good deal, new 1 for 130,- ) for zander jigging from shore.
    I need a faster rod , because the river ( nieuwe maas , rotterdam area ) has got strong current.
    For the lighter work : jigging from 3,5 to 11gr and dropshottin with 7 to 18 gram I use the shimano yassei dropshot ( white ).
    But its not fast enough for fishing 14,18,20 gr jigs.
    Ill fish it with a mitchell mag pro lite 1000 in the 1st place , because i got 2 of them. ( might pick up a different reel in time )

    Do you think the abu will fit my purposes with the rod.
    I'd like to fish shads like 9cm komodo, 4' swimming ribsters 4 & 5 Inch fin S and sometimes a little bit bigger.

    I would still like to have the possibility to fish a 7gr or 10 gr jig with 5 inch shad . Is the abu an overkill for this type of work ?

    I could also pick up a new penn trq nano labrax 15-50gr for cheap ( 80 euro ) ( , but the weight on that rod is 230 gram.
    anybody got experience with that rod ? It might be better for casting 7grams as well, because its build on the very same 40/46T nano rocksweeper blank.

    Hopefully somebody can help me a little bit, because in Holland nobody was able to tell me a little bit more .
    I would appreciate it very much.
    Thanks in advance and greetings from Holland,

    Stephan ( ps. any of you guys fishing the Gunki iron Tournament --> see you there. Planning on comming over for fishing in Holland , always feel free to contact me ).
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